Crochet Baby Cot Blanket Pattern

Hello to all....I have just finished crocheting a Baby Blanket for the Knit-a-Square Foundation. I remembered to take a picture of the blanket before I sent if off, so I would be able to post my how to pattern along with it. Well, here it is......

I used Lion brand Yarn. Vanna's Choice Baby. 100% Acrylic. Medium (4)

- 2 rolls of Lamb
- 1 roll of Aqua
- 1 roll of Mint


-16-6"x 6" squares, 4 rows of 4 squares


Chain 16, turn, *single crochet across * 18 rows = 1-6"x 6" square.

When you have finished all 16 squares then you slip stitch them together.


Slip Stitch all around edge of blanket.

In next row (*3 single crochet, Chain 3, 1 single crochet into last single crochet made.) * cont. till last stitch. Finish off.

Finish Size is 23" x 23".

Well there you have it..:) If you ladies have any questions, please feel free to ask ! I would love to hear from you.....Hugs Lisa


Cottage Rose said...

Hello Lisa; OH how beautiful your blanket is, love all the gorgeous colors... Some little Angle will be so happy to warm in that..... I have not been able to get my yarn yet for my blanket, but this weekend I am going to find me some... I think I might Crochet one in squares..... love your edging.. Have a great week.


Kimara@weefolkart said...

This turned out great. There are many crafts I do, some even well, but I still wouldn't call myself a confident crocheter! (I'm convinced crocheting was created just to humble me!)Anyway... I think perhaps I could handle this. Thanks tons for sharing the pattern and your humanitarian efforts!

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