Easy Peasy Summer Fruit Salad.....

One of my son's favorite foods to eat is this very simple "Summer Fruit Salad!" I made it for a Sunday Brunch this last weekend and remembered to take a photo.

To start, you just pick any fresh fruit in season that you enjoy. I always use the same fruit:

10 -Sliced Strawberry's
2 -Sliced Banana's
2 -Chopped Red Apple's
2 -handfuls of Blueberry's

Then I use 1- 6oz container of Yoplail Yogurt. Mixed Berries or Strawberry/Banana or if you have a favorite yogurt you can use that.

I put the strawberry's and blueberry's in the mixing bowl first. Then I slice the bananas and chop the apples last, so they do not turn brown. Once all the fruit is in the bowl, I add the yogurt. Gentle mix all together. Then spoon all together into a nice serving bowl and there you have it!! If you want to feed a larger crowd, you just add extra fruit and yogurt.

See Easy Peasy!!!

I hope it becomes one of your favorites, Hugs, Lisa


Carolyn said...

Oh thanks for sharing it here Lisa..
I love fruit salad too, normally I use Mayo instead of yogurt and some raisins to add the sweet taste

Christie Lynn said...

This is the best fruit salad ever! I grew up on this .... my favorite is adding bananas,strawberries,apples and raisins :)

Lisa Brown - Vintage Sweet Peas said...

Thank you Tee...:)

PaulineD said...

That's one of my favourite desserts - fresh fruit with yoghurt- yours looks delicious and makes me wish it was summer here so all those lovely berries would be fresh!

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