Wow, I was gone a little longer from my blog then planned ! We had a wonderful time at the ranch. I was able to take lots of photos and will post them in two different post this upcoming week. One post will be about the history of my Husbands family's homestead that had burned down in the days of the wild wild west! I went to the original location of the homestead and old school house and took lots of photos....I also took photos of the horse back riders that ride the old Mojave trail twice a year. They have always stop and stay two or three days at a friends ranch. He sadly passed away this Winter so we will now gladly provide a camping site for the riders.

Well, remember the crochet project I took with me on our vacation?.... I finished it! Yes and I love it!!! But, I must say it took me longer then I thought it should have, and somehow I added more stitches to the bottom then Lucy had, "not sure how I did this!" So my bag looks a little fuller. But, I still like it!! What do you all think?? Here's a picture. I think it will make a great run around summer bag.....Thank you Lucy for taking the time to create and post your Pattern!!!!

Also, when we arrived home we found that we had some very happy little tomatoes growing in our garden!!! Happy signs of spring!!!!

Of course there was also these two! The inseparable dog and chicken! They were very happy to see us....These two really didn't care! They are always on vacation!!!

After church this morning I spent some time in the kitchen making these homemade Blackberry Tarts. We spent the evening having them with some coffee and a good yummy!!!!

Well, I hope you all had as lovely a weekend as we did and don't forget to check back by this week to see lots more pictures like this one......:)


Christy said...

Hello Lisa! Welcome back! Great vacation photos!

Christie Lynn said...

Oh Mom! You take such wonderful pictures! I'm jealous! I just need to figure out why your text is always underlined :) But I'll help you with that next time I see you ..

Yoyo said...

Sounds like a great vacation, welcome home.

The text is underlined because you did not END a link. In particular the photo links. Click on the underlined text and it goes to the photo just prior to it. Very common error. Just remember if you start a command you must end that command.

Chrissy said...

Hi Sis, Loved your pics, and your blog.... I love your tote bag also, I could really use one of those for my morning commute to downtown, it could carry all my extras.... HINT, HINT.... So glad you had fun, and cant wait to see you when you come out to stay with Kim, get your yard sale shoes on!!!

Not quite there yet... said...

Darling purse, cats and horse! Cute blog.

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