Taking a Vacation....

My husband and I are ready for an Easter getaway! So we are going to take a week long trip up to our ranch with some friends. I have a wonderful book and a new Crochet project that I will be taking along. It is this very colorful cute as can be purse in the picture below......I think it will be adorable with shorts, and colorful summer tees....

You can find the pattern here on Lucy's site over at Attic24.typepad.com "sorry I could not get that to link to her site"...she is such a delight!
O, I can't wait to just sit out there in the beauty of it all and stitch away. Enjoy some bonfires at night, hot coco, and boardgames, then end the day with a good book and a fire in the fireplace....:)

Our ranch is located in the "Mojave National Preserves." The area makes for a nice family getaway. There is a lot to see if you have never been and the park service can fill you in on some of the real life western stories that took place out on the Preserves or you can see pictures and artifacts in the museum.

My Husbands Grate Grandfather use to time the trains coming in at Kelso depot. We have his original gold stop watch with chain. They have now turned the depot into a museum and a coffee/lunch counter. His Grandfather use to attend school when it only had a handful of students. The first homestead that his Grate Grandfather grew up in was burned down by some very bad cowboys that also took a whip to his Grate Grandmother, short of killing her. The old bed frame still sticks up out of the ground amongst pretty color broken bottles, bits and pieces of their house, china, stove, etc. Indian artifacts can still be found while taking walks and lots and lots of beautiful land, any which way you turn! You can check out the link up above to get an idea of what there is to do if you would like to plan a trip.

Well, I hope you all have a very lovely warm fulfilling Easter! I will check back in when we get home and if I finish my project I will post some pictures.....Lisa


rachel the krafty girl said...

i am new to your blog!i just wanted to leave a message saying i stopped by hehe

i hope that you enjoy your trip


Cottage Rose said...

Hello Lisa; Wow I love that colorful bag,, I hope you post photos of it when you get it done... your Easter vacation sounds so wonderful and peaceful. Please please take some photos to share with us..... I hope your Easter trip is a happy and restful one.... oh and safe.. :]


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful and relaxing trip. I can't wait to see some pictures when you return. I'll miss you around the shop!

Bumpkin Bears said...

thanks for popping by my blog. This trip sounds like heaven to me. How exciting to hear that you are going to make a sanctuary for the horses, just my cup of tea. Happy Easter, Catherine x

Carolyn said...

Here's wishing you Happy Easter and have a wonderful holidays at the ranch :-)

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