My husband and I took a drive up North of Glendale, AZ. to a little town called Prescott.
On our way we saw this beautiful valley of Pine trees. A lot of visitors are always surprised to see that Arizona has so many Oak and Pine trees. I was one of them, being that I'm from California.

This is a picture, over looking Prescott. Prescott is a very sweet little town. I believe it was about 1882 that it was a very busy Mining town. It is also know for its famous street called Whiskey Row, a street of made up of Saloons only. The Earp Brothers, Doc Holiday and Big Nose Kate are some of the famous names from the old west days that use to live in Prescott.

Here is a picture of the City Hall. They have a lot of Concerts in the Park, BBQ's and Craft shows on the City Hall lawn. Prescott is very much a family town.
Lots of vintage store's
this is a close up of Whiskey Row.....
It is a whole block long.....
This is the famous "Palace Hotel saloon" I believe it was the first saloon and Hotel in Prescott.
Next up on our outing is the little mining town of Jerome....It is built on the side of a hill.
Again, sometime in the 1800's.
Here is a cute knitting store, right above the Fire Station and the Town Hall
Good old Fudge......YUM, it was wonderful.....

And if you visit you might want to stay at the Ghost City Inn, very sweet, your won't be alone :)


Christie Lynn said...

yay! these are really fun pictures, good job Mom :)

Cottage Rose said...

OH Lisa; I am so loving the photos, brings back so many memories, we used to drive to Prescott and Jerome. Love them both, we used to go every where out there and see such wonderful towns. Like Strawberry Carefree Scottsdale and just every where. Love South Mountain and White Tanks. Thank you for the sweet memories. Some time hubby and I are going back for a visit.

Have a great weekend.

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