How to make a T-Shirt Quilt

Ladies, I will be posting a tutorial on How to make a T-Shirt Quilt on my new blog  "OH CHERRY DAY" later this week...for now I have posted some pics of what I have completed...hope to see you there...Lisa

It's in the Food

I’ am often asked how I have managed to raise such well-behaved, thoughtful, easygoing children. My answer is not always, what one expects to hear...I say, "It’s in the food!"

I start our school mornings off with yummy Pancakes, French Toast, and Eggs in a Hole or whatever will fill the belly and get my boy off to a good start, 45 min drive and AP Classes... As I was cooking for him this morning, I was so aware, that I have just one 1/2 more months as a mother of a High School Teenager! After May, my son will be spending his summer in California and then heading towards college for his new adventure. I have peace knowing this, yet it is bittersweet. I will miss him, "so very much." I will also miss getting up early just to make him his Breakfast and pack his lunch, “really!” I will miss fixing a snack for him when he comes in from school and then having dinner as a family. I know alot of parents do not make breakfast or lunch for their High School children. They feel they are at the age to take care of getting their own food. Yet, I still do this task because I believe that, not only do they need you when they are little, but also that they need you just as much, when they are older. Life is not easy for teenagers! They need to know you are still focusing on them. I feel blessed for my Children have never given me a hard time. When I admit that I m then told, it is because of how you have raised them. I answer; I have only asked that they both do their best in school, each in their own ways. I believe that I also have a part in seeing that happen, it is up to me to feed them the right food so they can get through a day of schoolwork, sports, side jobs, homework and still produce good grades. In a way by fixing these meals for them, it also allows us to catch up throughout the day, make sure all is going well, and see if they want to chat about the events of their day. Sometimes we are just quite, but the food sure hits the spot. Other times I'll even hear," Hey Mom, how was your day?"

. My life growing up was very different from the way I have raised my children. My mom did an amazing job raising 3 children by herself, at least till we were close to High School age but, it was not easy at all for her! I also had a very hard time in school because I am dyslexic, and did not know for many years. Therefore, getting through school was not easy for me. As my children became older is was not easy for me to keep up with their homework.

So, when it comes to raising my children. What has been easy for me has been to share with them TIME and LOVE. Love for them and love for others. My daughter is very creative. So sharing with her my love for all things Crafty, Colorful and Handmade, tenderness for animals and being a Smiling People Person has come easy. I have always had a Hugh heart for the homeless and those in need with mental illness so for my son I shared compassion for all things in need. He has a Hugh heart for helping the homeless and those in Third World Countries and he sores in his academics. Therefore, beyond what I could teach Nolan in this area was to put him in a private school that teaches young boys to become "Men for Others." I cannot begin to put into words the blessings this decision has been for all of us. His major in college is Civil Engineering without boarders. Therefore, when I say, “It’s in the food!” What I mean is, it’s the love a child feels when their mother takes the time to give them the fuel they need to accomplish all that is required of them during their day. It is when we sit and feed them we are also waiting for them to share with us their day, who they are or want to be and we can then help build those traits in them. Their days are long and hard and when you do this, you are saying to them I am your biggest cheerleader! I am here to help you grow into the person you want to become. I will share with you your dreams as they come true and when you fall, I will still be close by, that you will not feel alone, and we will move on together....With our next meal.

Follow MEeeeeeee

Hi to all!!!! I miss you all! Hope you will hop over to my new Nest and follow me, then you can receive my new postings. I have a new crochet project I'm working I get further along, I can share alittle more about for now, I can say it's not going to be a blanket.

I have also been trying to finish my last years Spring Embroidered Project. I hope to post an update photo of that real soon! 

  Well how about all of you? What are you all up tooooo? Please, drop by and do tell.....:)

Hugs, Lisa


Please visit me at my new blog: Tree Top Musings.... Follow along as I decorate our new cozy cottage, embark upon an empty nest, and continue to create all things crochet! See you there, Lisa


Wow....its been so long.....I have missed my blog! We have been having computer problems: my personal computer and my husband's computer will not let me interact with my blog and a few other sites. Well, my computer will not even turn, as you can see we have some things to work out!

I was thinking the other day that my computer might have known I was on the verge of changing some things and this is its way of protesting. Since our son Nolan will be graduating in June and we will be having an empty nest, my husband and I have chosen to move into a smaller home in hopes of having more time to play and less time to maintain. We have chosen a two story, yet "little" home, that overlooks a golf course, bike paths and lakes thru out.

So, I hope to be back in a couple of weeks and have all things worked out...I miss everyone and hope your all having a wonderful holiday!

Mindful of Kindness!!!!!!

Before I take off for our family Thanksgiving in the mountains....I wanted to stop in to say " Thank You!!!" to ALL of you that drop in weekly to pay me a visit. I hope you have enjoyed each and every visit as much as I've enjoyed visiting all of you this last year. Wow, For the last 3 years I pretty much have followed the same routine each morning; grabbed my cup of coffee, taken a sip or two, then onto my blog I go, destined to see what all you ladies have posted!!! Most of you are amazing creative ladies, yet it is not always our latest crafts that we post about....sometimes we slip beyond our craft rooms into the everyday stuff we are faced with. Most the time it involves our loved ones " Our Family!

Well, while checking through my list of blogs. Today I stumbled upon a post I just knew I had to share with you all. It talks about our other family "Gods Family" I pray that it will spark an interest in each of us for the renewed act of Kindness throughout this upcoming year!! I pray that it will help us step out of our Family's comfort zone, take us out into the world and remind us that our Father, God said, "If ye do the least of these acts unto my people, then ye have done them unto me ........Please take a moment and visit Kim's and may you come away blessed!

Have a Safe, Wonderful & Blessed Thanksgiving! Lisa
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