Wow....its been so long.....I have missed my blog! We have been having computer problems: my personal computer and my husband's computer will not let me interact with my blog and a few other sites. Well, my computer will not even turn on....so, as you can see we have some things to work out!

I was thinking the other day that my computer might have known I was on the verge of changing some things and this is its way of protesting. Since our son Nolan will be graduating in June and we will be having an empty nest, my husband and I have chosen to move into a smaller home in hopes of having more time to play and less time to maintain. We have chosen a two story, yet "little" home, that overlooks a golf course, bike paths and lakes thru out.

So, I hope to be back in a couple of weeks and have all things worked out...I miss everyone and hope your all having a wonderful holiday!

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