Mindful of Kindness!!!!!!

Before I take off for our family Thanksgiving in the mountains....I wanted to stop in to say " Thank You!!!" to ALL of you that drop in weekly to pay me a visit. I hope you have enjoyed each and every visit as much as I've enjoyed visiting all of you this last year. Wow, For the last 3 years I pretty much have followed the same routine each morning; grabbed my cup of coffee, taken a sip or two, then onto my blog I go, destined to see what all you ladies have posted!!! Most of you are amazing creative ladies, yet it is not always our latest crafts that we post about....sometimes we slip beyond our craft rooms into the everyday stuff we are faced with. Most the time it involves our loved ones " Our Family!

Well, while checking through my list of blogs. Today I stumbled upon a post I just knew I had to share with you all. It talks about our other family "Gods Family" I pray that it will spark an interest in each of us for the renewed act of Kindness throughout this upcoming year!! I pray that it will help us step out of our Family's comfort zone, take us out into the world and remind us that our Father, God said, "If ye do the least of these acts unto my people, then ye have done them unto me ........Please take a moment and visit Kim's Blog...KKaevilla.wordpress.com and may you come away blessed!

Have a Safe, Wonderful & Blessed Thanksgiving! Lisa

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