A little something for Mr. Brown

Once a year my dear husband ask me to do a favor for one of his business clients. They have a BBQ for their clients and family members and they ask if I would make baskets that they can raffle off.So I go to a Store called Tuesday Mornings and I buy Baskets and all kinds of items to pamper the lady's with.
Then I make baskets for the whole family to enjoy together. Tuesday Mornings always has these old vintage toys, which I think are the best! I add some candy and popcorn then wrap it up pretty........

and this is what they look like......... Then off they go........My husband is happy and I get such a big Thank you from his client! I love the idea of these baskets because some cater to the women and the others are filled with fun for the whole family, so the kids leave the BBQ excited about the raffle also......:)


Christie Lynn said...

Oooh! Those are so fun Mom! I think Kevin needs one of those for Christmas .... filled with Swedish Fish candy, cherry coke, a Dodger present and an I-Tunes gift card (hint hint) haha. Gosh, you might as well throw a cat in there too and be like, "How'd that get in there?!?!"

Cottage Rose said...

Oh wow you have made such lovely baskets. What wonderful goodies you put in them. I wish I was in the drawing. lol what a great lady you are to make all those pretties.

Have a great week


Bumpkin Bears said...

great baskets, what fun to win one of these. you've put so much thought into them. Pop over to my blog where I'm having a launch party and art print giveaway :) Catherine x

Rick said...

Pick up Sticks - it's been years.

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