He Sleeps

Last time Christie was out for her visit, she told Mufasa, our cat, that he could sleep in her room. So now, each day from 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon he has his cat nap in her room.

Well, he is SOooooo happy with this new arrangement, that the other day he slept through this......
A hail storm, in Arizona, in the summer.....
the hail was the size of a large marble and very loud....
and yes it is still 100 degrees or more on any given summer day. But, it is our Monsoon season. That means we get thunder storms at least once or twice a week that last anywhere from 15 min to 1 hour, with lots of wind, thunder and lighting shows. Sometimes LOTS of lighting with no rain. Which makes it fun to just sit outside and watch the show.

But, this hail storm was not the norm and with the size of these ice cubes, I'm thinking it was a good thing he was asleep and not outside running around...:)


Cottage Rose said...

Hey Lisa; I found finally. Ha ha.
I love your cats name, from Lion King right???? I remember the hail and Monsoon seasons when we lived out there. One was so bad it looked like it had snowed, hubby and I were at work. We moved out there back in 1989. Wow when I say that it seems like a realllllllyyyyyy long time ago. but not really. ha ha I will be back again.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Christie Lynn said...

Well at least I know now that if I ever need a bed-warmer,I can count on Mufasa :) How come whenever I'm out there there isn't cool monoons like that?!

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