The seven things tag.......

I have been tagged by my dear blogger friend over at Colordujour for 7 weird or random facts about me. Soooooooo, here goes......

1. I have six dogs: Popeye, Dinky, Molly, Max, Audrey and Lucky.
One hen: Henny Penny
One cat: Mufasa

2. When I go to the movie theater I have to get a box of popcorn, bag of M&M's and a coke. *Note the M&M's go in the popcorn. - Yum........

3. For 6 years I sang in a Christian singing group called the Sojourner Singers.

4. A wonderful day for me is a day spent with my children.

5. If I ever live full time at our ranch I would like to rescue wild horses and abandoned dogs. They would then have a home where they could run free and be safe. Well we do have snakes and bobcats out there....hmmmm

6. I find great joy knowing that one day I will meet my Savior, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, face to face.

7. My husband of 3 years was an unexpected gift in my life-One never knows whats around the corner!

Now, I get to choose 7 other people of interest, (I do not know how to copy and paste the address) so for now they are all on my side bar) here goes,

Tag your it...........

1. She Works With Her Hands

2. The Longest Year

3. Moon Stitches

4. The Tattered Nest

5. The Vintage Magpie

6. Bella And Boo

7. Salt And Chocolate

Have fun girls, I look forward to learning more about you......Lisa

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Carolyn said...

dropping by to say hello :)

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