Crochet Birdies

These adorable little crochet Bridie's are being shared by non other then Lucy over at the very cheerful and colorful blog, Attic 24. Lucy lives in England and if she's not sharing pics from her walks around the country side or her Attic window "which she frequents often for quite moments of crochet bliss" you will find her sharing not only what she crochets but Tutorials on how two's and her amazing choice of yarn in the most amazing colors.....

Lucy's just sweet that way. Whats hers is yours! When she found these sweet little birdies eating out of her hand she wanted to make sure they would eat out of ours also!

Wouldn't this one look precious on a Christmas tree or on top of a wrapped present?

Well, not wasting another moment lets crochet. Lucy wrote the directions in two parts.

1. click here for the flat circle , this is how to make the main body of the Birdie

2. click here for the Birdie Decorations. This is how to make all the other bits needed for this cute little Crochet Bird.

A little note from Lucy's blog that I thought would be helpful:

I felt that the Flat Circle pattern needed to be listed as a page on it's own as it's a very useful pattern to know (can also be used to make a round cushion, or the bottom of a bag). I've had lots of emails lately asking for help in trouble shooting the bottoms-of-bags which are not working out as they should, and I'm hoping that these detailed instructions and many, many pictures should help you to make a flat circle easily, or trouble shoot bag bottoms that have gone baggy or curly!!

You can find Lucy's adorable bag pattern also, on her site! Well, I think I will quit rambling on so you can get on over and visit her site...if you stop by do tell her I sent you...and don't forget to put out some bird seed.....:)

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Prim's by Kim said...

Well, aren't these just the sweetest lil birdies!! Love them.

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