And the winners of the "ONE WORLD ONE HEART" giveaway are:

Paula from Paula's serendipity . Paula has won the "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" book!

And Brianna from "Brianna-The road I travel" Has won the "Bend the rules Sewing" Book"

LADIES CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! This has been such a wonderful giveaway to participate in! I have been blessed with visitors from over 45 Countries who have stopped by and join in all the fun!!! I have had such a wonderful time viewing all of your blogs. The photos from your homes and towns, your different landscape, weather, food, and yet we are all alike in what we write about....We all have our family and friends that we love....The animals that we cherish in our lives. Our children, young ones , middle age, and older ones leaving the nest, heading off to college. Our church, our holidays and so much more.

It will be exciting to stop back by your blogs through out this year too catch up on what you all have been sharing with the world. I have made a lot of new special friends and I so hope to hear from all of you again. It has been a pleasure!

Well, for now I need to get back to work on these Valentine Cards for my loved ones!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend! AND Happy Valentines Day!!!!!! Hugs to all, Lisa


Brianna said...

Lisa... I just left you an email, but I wanted to tell you again Thank You! I am so excited to have won the sewing book! So very cool! :)

Christy said...

congrats to the winners! i love your vintage valentine cards!

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