To throw or not to throw ....

Its a cake. But, not just any cake. It's his 17th Birthday Cake. Baked especially for him by no, not me his Mother but, his girlfriend who I do adore. She is his first Love, his true Love, his one and only Love! And who am I to say that this is not true.. mind you his Sister,just married her High School Sweetheart! So, his girlfriend baked this Double Decker Chocolate Cake for him a WEEK ago. The sweet thing carried it around school, wrapped in foil all day. "Here in Arizona it is too hot to stick in a locker" Well, after school they meet up as always "they go to separate schools, one is all boys the other all girls." So, as cute as they are, they meet up , sit in the air conditioned hallway, on the floor cuz, thats what kids do and piece by piece with one fork they ate cake and Bless their little hearts there was some left over.......would you like some?

So, home it came this time being carried by my son, the Birthday boy. Once home he ask if we had a cake holder? Why, of course we do I said, very happy that I could be of help with the cake, the one and only, the trophy cake on display now in our kitchen.

So, when does cake start growing mold?


Irene said...

How sweet!

Kimberly said...

Oh my goodness, that is the sweetest thing ever. And I love that he is so proud of his cake :)

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