Off to California for a Wedding

Yes, it is time....I leave Wednesday Morning for California to start preparing for Christie's Wedding on Sunday! Thursday we will be running around getting last min errands finished, hair appointment and rehearsal dinner that Evening. Friday we will be baking cookies for all of the wedding quest and if the Groom will allow me, I will be posting pictures of our baking day and the recipe when I get back home. (The recipe has been in the grooms family for many years and is quite special!)

Well, that is all for now, I will post wedding photos as soon as I can! Can't wait to share all :)

bye for now, Lisa


Christina said...

Hey Sis, the puppies are so cute..... and I know God has a special place for you..... The shower pictures turned out great, and Christie's weekend in Santa Barbara looked like fun... Cant wait to see everyone at the Wedding.... Oh yeah.... please tell Christie her Aunt Chris is so excited for her and Kevin.... Love ya See ya Sunday.....

Anonymous said...

have a great time, can't wait for pictures and the recipe I hope!

Carolyn said...

finally the wedding, ok will wait for all the pix here. :-)
Congrats to the couple, may God Bless them for a happy marriage..

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